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UPS Discreet Mail was opened in the late 1990’s with a small customer database, operating as a fully licensed customs clearing company. Throughout the years, the company has slowly expanded providing a variety of services, such as:.

Warehousing Facility, Licensed Bonded Warehouse Storage, Customs Clearance Procedures from all Ports/Airport, Consultation for Customs Regulations, Global Logistics, Inland Transportation, Insurance of Goods, Order Fulfillment Services, Packaging / Repackaging of Goods, Door to Door service.

Our commitment is to deliver quality service. The company is thriving to feed the ever changing needs of our clients. Our experienced team are able to provide the following:

Fast and reliable service
Flexible Price/Service Packages
Best available options for clients
Tailored quotations.


Our Mission is to provide logistics services to our clients at a reduced rate without compromising on the quality of service.


To look forward to being one of the greatest logistics providers in the world. That is why we strive to be a step ahead always.


1990 - 1995- 1999- 2000- 2007- 2016
- 1990, We started as a small clearing firm
- 1995, At this stage growth was steady though with some little setbacks.
- 1999, We experience a mass level of Renovations and also founded a branch office in France.
- 2000, Our database we reformulated with top servers.
- 2007, We added Warehousing to our services.
- 2016, Attaining heights in the global field of Transport.